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Win Earth Mama Summer Essentials!

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Earth Mama to the rescue! Win summer essentials that do double duty for your family outings! Travel sized Angel Baby Body Wash & Shampoo for icky travel bathrooms, Angel Baby Bottom Balm for life’s little mishaps, New Mama Bottom Spray after the sun and buggy encounters, and C-Mama Healing Salve for minor burns and boo boos.

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TWO winners will be chosen at random. Prizes can be sent to US addresses only, contest ends at 11:59 PM Pacific on Friday, July 21.

Earth Mama Giveaway Rules:

Contests are open to entrants with US shipping addresses only. Participants must enter by following the instructions on the blog post or Rafflecopter giveaway widget. One entry per person per giveaway will be accepted. Earth Mama ® holds all contest entrant information collected in strict confidence. We do not sell or share email addresses with any other entities. Winner’s information such as name, mailing address and phone number is collected for the sole purpose of providing product winnings as described on this web site.

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How Lavender and Tea Tree Became Labeled As Endocrine Disruptors

From time to time Earth Mama® gets this question and time and time again we tell people: we’re not worried.We’ll explain why below, but the short answer is this: We spent a great deal of time researching the reported issues with lavender and tea tree oil, and we have found no solid evidence that causes [...]

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Find Earth Mama Products at These Walmart Locations!

Welcome Whoa Wait Walmart shoppers! A selection of Earth Mama products are being tested now in 80 Walmart stores – is YOUR store one of them? Check below to see. If people buy our products and the test goes well we’ll go in more Walmart stores, more mamas will have easier access and we will [...]

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Healing Hearts - How Earth Mama Comforts the Physical and Emotional Needs of Baby Loss

O’Mara: I know you have product lines for mamas and babies, but why baby loss?Olson: As our business grew, customers who used our products began asking for us to send New Mama Bottom Spray or the Postpartum Recovery Kit to a friend. But they would ask me to not use a mailing label with the [...]

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Tea Time with Earth Mama - RECIPE

Use these recipes to make your own yummy beverages and non-alcoholic mocktails with Earth Mama’s soothing, safe USDA Certified 100% Organic teas!Mama’s Ginger Mint Mock-Tea-Ni with Organic Morning Wellness Tea Comforting Hot Apple Cider with Organic Monthly Comfort Tea French Vanilla Chai with Organic Milkmaid Tea Mama's Celebration Cider with Organic Peaceful Mama TeaPlease note: Organic Milkmaid Tea, [...]

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Can Lavender Really Calm?

Some scientific studies about of lavender’s soporific sweetness...Lavender (Lavandula officinalis), with its fragrant stalks and pretty pods of calmingly intoxicating purple flowers, is one of nature’s most beloved herbs. In the world of medicinal and aromatherapy herbs lavender’s virtues abound. The root word of lavandula is the Latin word lavare, which means, “to wash.” So [...]

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DIY Postpartum Padsicles - VIDEO

Having a baby soon? Are you ready to make your own postpartum padsicles? Grab a box of Postpartum Bath Herbs and follow Earth Mama's easy steps below! Looking to learn more about Natracare Maternity Pads? Click here. The Bump Squad mamas gear up for post-push healing by making Postpartum Bath Herbs padsicles! Kelsi is getting set up for [...]

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Over the Moon with New Baby? Love Your “Lying-in”!

Lying-in, the period of time for a postpartum mama to heal and bond with her newborn, has, sadly, become an antiquated notion, a practice predating current goals like “bouncing back” and “pre-pregnancy weight.” Traditional rites, ancient midwives and less hurried cultures all have healing, nurturing rituals, and these practices were created for a good reason. [...]

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A Check List for a Comforting, Calm Lying-In

Over the moon thinking about life with your new baby? A Lying-in Plan can help you have a comforting and calm recuperation and establish a bond with your baby while you heal your body. What is a Lying-in? Read about this new take on an old tradition here, and create your own Lying-in Plan here. [...]

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How to Make Your Own Non-toxic Baby Wipes

Making homemade baby wipes takes just a few minutes of work and saves loads of money. You can make them with cloth, so they are reusable, or with paper towels if you need disposables. Plus the wipe solution can be used as a diaper spray! Here's the money saving recipe: Take 1 roll of premium paper [...]

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