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Little Wanders

little-wanders-lying-in-with-earth-mama.jpgEarth Mama is so excited to sponsor Little Wanders as they welcome their brand new baby Juniper into the world! Kelsey’s letting us take a sweet little peek into her lying-in, bonding and healing with Juniper, and sharing how she used Earth Mama products to help comfort and heal.

Who are Little Wanders? Corbin and Kelsey love to travel, explore, and adventure, whether they're backpacking Europe, road-tripping across North America, swimming in glacier lakes, or searching for waterfalls in the rainforest. Kelsey just had their first Wander Baby, Juniper, and they are beyond elated to welcome her to the world. On Little Wanders, Kelsey and Corbin share their joy of first-time pregnancy, new parenthood and their passion for sustainable living.

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