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Earth Mama Organics Lotion is formulated for the skin of the most fragile people on the planet: pregnant mamas, and their babies. We want their skin safely soft, which is why Earth Mama’s lotions contain organic herbs and oils to moisturize babies of all ages — from top to bottom, and from cheek to shining cheek.

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Truly clean, you’ll never find petroleum, mineral oil, parabens or artificial fragrance in any of Earth Mama's lotions.

[Belly Butter] NOT JUST FOR BELLIES. This was one of my favorite, non-greasy belly balms while pregnant, and is still an amazing all-around lotion after! It's actually the one I keep on my nightstand for general moisturization for myself or baby anytime. Love it.


[Calming Lavender Baby Lotion] THE BEST THERE IS! I’m so happy with this purchase! After using the Calming Lavender Castile Baby Wash, I noticed how gentle it was on my baby’s skin. Then we used this Lavender Baby Lotion and I massage it all over his body and he is totally relaxed and a happy camper. I think I most love the list of ingredients. So happy I found this company! I’d definitely recommend this product.


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