Earth Mama Canada: Here’s How to Shop

Earth Mama Canada: Here’s How to Shop

We know our Canadian friends may have been feeling a little … er … neglected as you await the arrival of Earth Mama Canada. Well, wait no more! From Vancouver BC to Newfoundland, and all the provinces in between, you can now shop all your favorite Earth Mama goodness at this new website.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Earth Mama’s new northern expansion.

Can I Get Earth Mama Eczema Cream in Canada?

Yes! Isn’t that exciting? You can now order Earth Mama Eczema Cream in Canada. So, watch out, eczema and itchy skin from rashes, bug bites, and poison ivy, oak, and sumac!

Are Earth Mama Mineral Sunscreens Available in Canada?

Why thank you for asking! Indeed, all Earth Mama Mineral Sunscreens are available for purchase. That means you can add Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, Uber-Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, and Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Lotion to your carts, along with Lady Face® Mineral Sunscreen Sticks and Baby Face Mineral Sunscreen Stick. You’ll be more than covered in the sun (don’t forget blue screens, too!)

What About Earth Mama Organic Herbal Tea in Canada?

Start boiling your water! You can now shop all of Earth Mama’s Organic Herbal Teas in Canada, from Organic Elderberry Immune Tea, Organic Periodic Tea and Organic Heartburn Tea to the bestselling Organic Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and Organic Milkmaid Tea and more.

Over the years, we’ve heard from so many mothers from all over the world about how Earth Mama has helped support their journeys. And now, we get to connect over the one thing we mamas all have in common: wanting the best for our families.

And let’s be honest, cracked breastfeeding nipples don’t care about passports!

So, happy shopping to our wonderful neighbors from up north! If you couldn’t tell, we’re super excited aboot it.😉

Earth Mama Canada: Here’s How to Shop

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