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Take Care Down There® Trifecta

Take Care Down There® Trifecta

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Lady parts really go through it when they’re busy bringing a new life into the world.  They do gymnastics like an Olympic champion and need some TLC after performing that incredible miracle. Take on postpartum recovery with the ultimate trifecta of “down there” care.

Members of this exclusive club include the cooling touch-free birth bag must-have Herbal Perineal Spray, lasting comfort hero Organic Perineal Balm, and the unmatched bringer of relief, Organic Herbal Sitz Bath.  Alone they can turn any postpartum day in the right direction, but together they’ll have you be feeling unstoppable in no time!

You won’t find any artificial preservatives, fragrances, propellants, or benzocaine because no one wants those chemicals near their tender bits!


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