How to Make Raspberry Leaf Iced Tea

Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea combines herbs traditionally used to help nurture and support women, soothe period cramps, support healthy lady times, and tone the uterus to prepare for childbirth in one small sachet. But much as we love our tea piping hot (in our favorite mug, with pinkies up because we’re fancy), sometimes you just need a cool, refreshing drink.

Sip this iced tea as often as needed (though always check with your herb-knowledgeable healthcare provider to find out what’s best for you)

Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

Earth Mama’s Easy Raspberry Leaf Iced Tea Recipe 

  1. Boil water (seriously, it needs to be boiled, not just super hot). 
  2. Steep 1-2 tea bags for 5-10 minutes. 
  3. Let it cool completely. You can pop it in the fridge to speed up the process. 
  4. Pour over ice. 
  5. Add lemon and frozen raspberries (optional, but highly recommended). 
  6. Enjoy on a warm, sunny day, or any day.  

For postpartum, periods, and perimenopause, try Earth Mama Organic Periodic Tea. It’s delicious hot or iced, for anyone enduring one of those lovely “P” phases of life.  

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