Introducing Mama's Bump Squad 3.0!

It's time for round three...

Earth Mama Organics is proud to introduce Mama's Bump Squad 3.0! This group of pregnant women are all on a path to safer products and they want to share their experiences with the Earth Mama community. The Bump Squad mamas are all due around the same time so you get a glimpse into their similar yet unique journeys.

We understand the magnitude of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. It can be magnificent and sometimes uncomfortable, itchy, achy and anxious. Earth Mama Organics formulates products to support physical body and a strong sense of community supporting the emotional aspect of motherhood. We're sure you'll love to wrap these mamas in love and a big "You've got this!" as they grow their babies.

Here's a fun surprise - we've got a returning, original member of Mama's Bump Squad 1.0 who is now joining the 3.0 squad! How cool is that?!

Earth Mama invites you to follow along with #mamasbumpsquad on Instagram as we watch their miraculous bumps grow!


I am a wife, mom to 4 children ages 2-13, with baby #5 on the way, and work part-time as a lactation nurse and childbirth educator. My greatest passions, in addition to birth and breastfeeding, are natural living and fair trade advocacy. My husband and I embraced a more natural lifestyle after facing a frightening illness with our 2nd daughter at the age of 2. We have spent the last 5 years focusing on eating clean and keeping our home as chemical free as possible. We also currently have 8 chickens and would love to expand our little “farm” someday!

Isaac was born 7/31/19.


My name is Jaime. I live in Carlsbad, CA, with my husband Josh and our two daughters, Charlie, age 5, and Teddy, age 3. About a year ago, my husband and I felt another child was meant to join our family. It took us a full year to feel we were ready to begin another conception journey. After two cycles of “trying”, we were ecstatic to learn I was pregnant again. I am currently 16 weeks with this sweet soul that will be the completion of our family sometime this summer (guess date: July 2019). I am thrilled to be a part of the Earth Mama Organics- Mama’s Bump Squad 3.0, especially since I have been using Earth Mama products since my first child was a newborn! I work as a women’s pelvic health physical therapist, birth doula, and yoga instructor. Away from the professional world, you will probably find me barefoot and outdoors. I am passionate about growing and processing food and herbal medicine for my family in order to live more independently and sustainably. I also love camping, hiking, and would love to one day tend to bee hives.

Zev was born 7/8/19.


Hi! My name is Kendra and I am a 36-year old mother, wife, lover of travel, amateur photographer, newly minted blogger, and party planner extraordinaire with a precocious and sassy almost 5-year-old girl and three fur babies. My husband and I tried for years to get pregnant and after a lot of work, we were blessed with a sweet little girl. This past August we were surprised to find out that we are pregnant once again with a second little girl! Professionally, I am a Project Manager for a local construction firm and before moving to Colorado, I worked for an environmental service agency for the oil field industry. My true passion for life lies in spending time with family and friends and traveling the vast world that we live in. My husband and I have worked hard to teach our daughter about the world around her. As a family, we love to travel both within the United States and internationally. It is important to us, as parents, that our daughter learns about the various cultures in the world as well as recognizes not only how privileged she is but that she, as an individual, can have an impact on the environment, community and world around her. I am honored and thrilled to join Earth Mama's Bump Squad. I look forward to sharing my journey and experiences with you!

Anya was born 4/25/19.


Hi! My name is Mikki I live in the sunshine of Southern California with my hunky husband and our two little children along with our little dog named Hector. We have a third little tribe member on the way due in September and are so excited to meet him/her! I was so blessed to be in the community of the very first Mama's Bump Squad when I was pregnant with our son (now 2 years old) and am so excited that Earth Mama has asked me if I will let them walk this special journey with me again! How could I not say yes to my favorite company ever?! I am a work-from-home mom which as many of you know means I don't get much done in the daytime and hurriedly answer emails, have meetings and schedule appointments after the kids are in bed! Along with being a full time mama, I am a birth doula and a childbirth educator. I have a passion for helping families through their pregnancy, labor, and birth and want to support them in the best way I can! I love all things pregnancy, birth, and motherhood related and am very excited to share the smiles (and potential tears) of my own journey and experience with you all!

Archer was born 9/11/19.


Hi there! My name is Jackie, and I’m an actress and lifestyle blogger based in beautiful Chicago, Illinois. At my blog (, I share fitness tips, my favorite closet pieces, clean eats and my top spots to have fun in the Windy City. But all that has taken a back seat to my newest — and greatest — adventure: I’m having a baby! You follow our journey of a lifetime on Instagram at @jackiesaland; I can’t wait to share it with you!

Charlotte was born on 8/19/19.

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