Mother’s Day Gifts from Earth Mama for Every Mama in Your Life

Mother’s Day Gifts from Earth Mama for Every Mama in Your Life

At Earth Mama, we like to think that every day is Mother’s Day, but this special Sunday in May is the opportunity to shower the mamas in your life with Mother’s Day gifts. While Earth Mama products always make the best gifts on their own, we’re sharing ways that you can turn them into something extra gift-y for Mother’s Day. Whether you’re shopping for Mother’s Day gifts for the new mom, seasoned mom, or really, any mom in your life, we’ve got something that will make them feel recognized and loved.  

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For the makeup-loving mama  

Grab our popular Lady Face Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Sticks that can double as foundation, concealer, or contour (based on her skin tone). Add an Eco Tools blending brush, and a Simple Human sensor mirror so she can apply her faves in style.   

Lady Face Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Sticks

For the mama who desperately needs some me-time   

Earth Mama castile soap isn’t just for babies! It’s perfect for everyone, including mamas. Gift her a bottle of Sweet Orange Soap (it’s a huge fan fave), a natural luffa sponge, this beautiful organic waffle robe and some uninterrupted time to enjoy a hot, quiet bath.     

Sweet Orange Soap

For the new mama who reallllly needs some sleep 

Did you know that every case of Peaceful Tea comes with a nap? Okay, so not really, but you can definitely help make that more of a reality when you pair it with a Naturpedic mattress. They really are the best. 

Peaceful Tea

For the mama who loves to be pampered  

Just a few pumps of the Belly Oil and Belly Butter Bundle, along with this affordable set of Gua Sha massage tools she’ll feel like she’s at her favorite spa.  

Earth Mama Belly Oil and Belly Butter Bundle

For mamas of a certain age, in that super fun stage  

If you’re shopping for a mama who’s experiencing sleepless nights without the baby (hello, night sweats!), Lavender Lotion, along with an organic buckwheat pillow won’t necessarily solve the overheating, but it will make falling asleep a little easier. 

Calming Lavender Lotion


Mother’s Day Gifts from Earth Mama for Every Mama in Your Life


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