September Is Just Around The Corner

September Is Just Around The Corner - Earth Mama Blog

Bump Squad mama Emilia is thrilled to embrace the beginning of her Third Trimester.

Well, time sure does fly...when you are growing your fourth human. It seems like moments ago I was passing out in disbelief on the bathroom floor of my work (gross) as I saw the second positive pregnancy test of the morning. And now, I am entering the final stage of my last pregnancy...ever.

While the second trimester is often referred to as the "Golden Trimester" in which most expecting mothers finally feel quasi-normal again, that is never the case with me. I had hoped that since this little miracle had created his own path I would be exempt from any major nightmares like I had experienced in the past. Well, not so much.

With the twins, I had what I called, "broken ribs" develop in my second trimester. Due to an over abundance of oxytocin, my sassy vertebra moved all around pressing on my nerves making it nearly impossible to walk, sit, sleep, move or breathe for that matter. Twice weekly adjustments and acupuncture got me through to that 39 week mark when those two came out and my body settled back into not being 75 pounds overweight and not having insane amounts of hormones pumping through it.

September Is Just Around The Corner - Earth Mama Blog

With my third, aka, The Dude, I had what I called, "broken legs" (seems to be a theme of things breaking in my mind...odd) develop in my second trimester. Horrible aching pains and constant throbbing left me wobbling through each day counting down the seconds until I could submerge into my nightly Epsom soak and alleviate some of that agony.

Alas, with this pregnancy, the second trimester also gave me a run for my money, this time starting at 14 weeks. I developed Kate Middleton Syndrome....(duhn duhn duuuuuhhhnnn). That's right, Hyperemesis Garvidarum. The flu like bug that just keeeeeeeeps on giving.

I was barely able to lift my head high enough to barf into a bowl let alone take care of my three young children for WEEKS! It was worse than anything I had ever experienced, only made more horrible by the fact that of course, I was not a princess.

The only thing that got me through was telling myself how lucky I was to only be experiencing this living hell of 24 puke parties and hospitalization for a short time. Did you know some women have this their ENTIRE PREGNANCY? Like bedrest, IV fluids, the whole bit...for NINE MONTHS?! Oh. Hell. No. I was one of the lucky ones. When I made it through those two weeks of pure misery I was almost thankful for my first sinus infection that quickly got me to Urgent Care and left me feeling like my head was going to explode for the next month.

September Is Just Around The Corner - Earth Mama Blog

Second trimester, it was a real pleasure but I am not sad to see you go. I am thankful for all my body did to keep my little man growing strong while I slowly felt like I was being tortured. Oh how women are miraculous beings.

But really, how are mothers not somehow seen as living goddesses who are worshipped and praised from their first conception to their death?! That is the real tragedy here in my opinion.

While it was not an easy part of the pregnancy, I survived as I always do and even strived to thrive. Armed with my Earth Mama Morning Wellness Tea and Body Wash I took on each day like the mommy warrior I am and was determined to make the most of this pregnancy. I am so incredibly thankful to have an amazing support system or else I would have spent each day crawling to the cupboard to throw a bag of goldfish at my kids, like for every meal. Family and Earth Mama products I can honestly say saved me.

September Is Just Around The Corner - Earth Mama Blog

Now on to the final countdown, the last trimester and also the hottest part of the year here in Southern California. September is just around the corner and I am welcoming this last stage of feeling like a bloated hippo while knowing I am a majestic birthing unicorn. I look forward to preparing for the big show, my last birth. Filling my days with best friend Babymoons, spa treatments and mornings by the pool I plan to enjoy every minute of my last journey.

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