Tattoo after care: 3 clean, organic products to help

safe tattoo care products

If you’ve just gotten a tattoo (congrats!), then you’re probably wondering the best way to approach your tattoo after care. Considering all the time, care, and money you spent--from searching for your design and your artist to getting the actual ink--you want to ensure that the products you’re choosing are not only safe for your tattoo, but also for you. And that’s where Earth Mama comes in.

Much of what goes on your body goes in, which is why Earth Mama chooses only the best, organic ingredients, hold the toxins you typically see in products recommended for tattoo after care. Why would you want to put chemicals, fragrance, or synthetic preservatives on such vulnerable skin?

Cue 3 clean, organic products that can help immediately after you’ve gotten your tattoo and keep it looking fresh and new months and years later. Yep, even that one on your lower back you forgot about (or would like to, anyway). 😉


For your new tattoo: Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm

Don’t be fooled by the name! Earth Mama’s Organic Baby Face Nose and Cheek Balm is an ultra-rich calendula coconut balm for anyone who wants their skin to feel like a baby’s. This organic alternative to petroleum jelly can be gently smoothed over a new tattoo. Just a little dab will do you, which means you’ll have some left over for everything from chapped lips to after sun redness, and basically anywhere that needs extra moisturizing.

For your not-so-new tattoo: Organic Nipple Butter

Organic Nipple Butter

We get if you did a double take, but Organic Nipple Butter, which works wonders at bringing breastfeeding nipples back to their happy place is wonderfully moisturizing for tattoos, too. Tender, sensitive skin needs special attention, right? It’s the perfect consistency (think buttery and non-sticky) for reviving a not-so-new tattoo that needs a little attention. Use as often as you like to bring new life back into your old ink without any concerning chemicals. And hey, if someone accidentally licks your arm, they’re safe too. (Yep, it’s Cruelty Free and Non-GMO Certified!).

For any tattoo, all the time: Organic Tinted Mineral Sunscreen

Whether you’re sporting brand new ink or your tattoo has reached adulthood, sunscreen is a must to ensure that it keeps its color and intensity. That inked skin is extra sensitive to the sun’s rays, which is why we recommend never leaving home without covering your ink (and yourself) in Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. Full of reparative argan oil and organic red raspberry seed oil (which has high SPF properties), this sunscreen blends beautifully with your skin (no white cast) so that you can still show off your beautiful artwork and keep it sun safe. For easy, on-the-go coverage, grab a Lady Face Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Face Stick, available in two sheer, blendable shades.


Safe tattoo care

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