What is Perineal Spray?

Well, to put it simply it’s your Take Care Down There™ superhero!

Yes, down there. To be super clear ladies, we’re talking about the VAGINA, PERINEUM and BUTT¹.

Those parts really go through it when they perform the little ol’ act of bringing a LIFE into the world. Being prepared for your babe’s arrival is always the main focus, but those lady parts are likely going to be crying out for some attention, too.  Cooling, non-toxic herbal care can help all those bits and pieces feel much happier and we’ve made something specifically for them.

Herbal Perineal Spray is a clever little bottle of instant relief that provides a gentle mist that says to your vagina, “Hey, calm it down a little will ya?!” Respectfully, of course. Formulated with cucumber and witch hazel for some much needed “ahhhh.” Consider it your right-hand woman for postpartum recovery. She conveniently sprays upside down too, so no headstands required to get her working on that perineal soreness, episiotomy, or hemi².  Moms have enough to worry about, so all of Earth Mama’s postpartum care is never made with propellants, propylene glycol, artificial preservatives, fragrances and benzocaine.  Or butane…because your lady bits are not a Zippo.

¹ Booty, arse, etc. You say potato.
² Did we do it, did we make ‘hemorrhoid’ cute?!? Newp, didn’t think so.

What is Perineal Spray?

Tips & Tricks

  • Mist as often as needed, especially before after bathroom use. Store in the fridge for some extra cooling!
  • Ever heard of padsicles? Think “popsicle for your perineum.” Yep, it’s a thing and you’ll thank us later. Follow our recipe using Organic Herbal Sitz Bath so you’re ready for a “down there” rescue mission. For an extra layer of relief, mist each one with Herbal Perineal Spray before use!
  • It works wonders on other irritations too – use as a cooling after-sun mist, as a facial toner, after shaving (any body part you might be shaving!) or a post-bug bite tamer.


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