Who Do Nurses Turn to When Searching Out Safe Alternatives for Their Patients?


Who Do Nurses Turn to When Seeking Out Safe Alternatives for their Patients?

Who do nurses turn to when searching out safe alternatives for their patients? Earth Mama is a natural! An article by nurses who successfully greened their hospital system named Sweet Orange Baby Wash, Organic Diaper Balm, Calendula Baby Oil and Organic Nipple Butter as safer alternatives for pregnant and breastfeeding women and newborns.

The nurse-led project offers a clear, vetted process for other hospitals promoting a greener Healthcare Without Harm agenda and replacing conventional but potentially toxic personal care products for perinatal and newborn patients. "Implementing the Use of Chemical-Free Products in a Perinatal Unit” explains how Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, sought to identify, adopt and increase awareness of the use of chemical-free products in perinatal and newborn hospital units.

The project examined and compared products used by the hospital system and introduced safer Earth Mama products. The change required 18 months of vetting through all departments, including Directors of Maternal/Fetal Health, Physician Champions, Heads of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Nurse Managers, NICU Nurses, Infection Control, Quality Control, Pharmacy and even dietary. Of course Earth Mama products passed the tests!

"This new protocol makes it easier than ever for hospitals and consumers to know what to look for and how to make change," says nurse, herbalist, mama and Earth Mama founder Melinda Olson. "Product safety and transparent labeling has been our mission for over a decade, and we are honored that the Chemical-Free study names Earth Mama products."

Safety is a serious business, and Earth Mama’s mission has always been to formulate safe, herbal products that work, even voluntarily sending products out for third party verification to be sure every batch is Safe as Mama’s Arms. Why bother? Because Mama is a real person -- a nurse, herbalist, mother and grandmother --and she truly takes babies’ safety to her heart. The sentiment behind Mama’s Promise is true, “If it doesn’t measure up to Mama’s standards it doesn’t leave the building.”

Read the full press release here!

Who Do nurses Turn to When Seeking Out Safe Alternatives for Their Patients?

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