Elderberry Season Comfort Kit

You're gonna want to keep these at the ready to help all the things feel better. Just add pjs, rest and of course cuddles from mom ❤️ 

immune system in need of some TLC? Chapped Skin?

Somebody not feeling so hot? Moms want to make it all go away when kiddos don’t feel well. And let’s not forget- moms need to care for themselves, too! Help soothe and comfort the whole family, naturally.

immune support is the new self-care

100% Organic Elderberry Immune Tea is packed with precisely blended herbs that support your immune system and taste like a party in your mouth. Sipping this delicious tart and fruity tea will feel like you’re indulging in “me time,” while making a declaration of love to your immune system.  

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Throat needs a little extra love?

Whether your throat is raw, or you’ve just got that annoying, seasonal allergy-induced tickle, Throat Smoothie™ Tea helps take the edge off, with a blend of herbs traditionally used to ease a sore throat.

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All-Purpose Castile Soap

Castile soap does serious battle with germs — and during these times castile soap is a staple for every household. So whether you’re cleaning your hands, your baby, your vegetables or your kitchen counter, make it simple with castile.

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For All the Dry Places

Organic Baby Face nose & Cheek Balm

The multi-tasking organic alternative to petroleum jelly! Intensely moisturizing, yet breathable, with skin-loving calendula to soothe dry, sensitive skin of all kinds. Not only does it provide gentle care for little cheeks and noses, but it's an ideal "everything" balm for the whole family.

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The all-inclusive helper of any irritated, dry skin

Cruelty-free Earth Mama Eczema Cream: an instant and therapeutic tube of itch relief for eczema-havers (and itch-havers) of all ages.

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Keep your lips smooth and hydrated

Cruelty-free lip balm made with organic herbs and oils, and without petrolatum, synthetic flavoring, and artificial colors or preservatives. Formulated to be safe for pregnancy, so they’re perfect For Everyone and Their Mother™!

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